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Companies already enjoying the Rounded Edge touch

Shiny happy people

The people in this image are NOT our customers. They are the squeaky-clean, forever jolly, professional-yet-fun, smart-yet-urbanite product of stock photography.

Our clients don't always look like this. They have deadlines. They have pressures. They are sometimes overwhelmed by the burden of choice. They sometimes have crisp packets on their desk.

But we hope that the vast majority look something like this after working with us, after all the variables have been channeled into a working solution, after their event or show went without a hitch, when the figures reveal an upturn in interest or demand following an exhibition.

Roll call

Client relationships are very important to us at Rounded Edge Studio. That's why we go above and beyond to develop those relationships, to get under the skin of the brands we are helping to represent, to get to the heart of the product, service or concept being promoted.

Our clients come from a huge array of backgrounds, industries and locations. They also arrive with a wide gamut of budgets, expertise, lead times and expectations. It is our business and our pleasure to find the best exhibition or display solution irrespective of the context of those variables. Embracing this diversity is part of who we are, and we're proud of our client list.

Science-based technology

Fleet risk and safety management, driver training

Institution of higher education

Supply chain risk and performance management

High-technology medical devices

Metal component manufacturer

Institution of higher education

Medicine research and diagnostics

Content marketing

Biomedical research and related services

Care, rescue and rehoming of Border Collies

Construction, housing and development

Home and commercial security solutions

Coffee machines and beans

Engineering, design and manufacture for the oil & gas industry

Technology-enabled business process management and outsourcing

Institution of higher education


Cyber security specialists

Vehicle and fleet telematics

Commercial energy & utility consultants

Entertainment venue in Leicester

Specialist products for diamond drilling & sawing

Composite manhole and trench covers

Student mission

Medicines, vaccines and healthcare products

Blast finishing, spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Insurance services

Advanced urban design & development

Precision plastic injection moulding & assembly

Adhesives, coatings, sealants & equipment

Specialist products for geotechnical, environmental and civil engineering

Institution of higher education

GPS telematics and fleet management technology

City council

National clinical research funder

Internet registry, infrastructure & cyber services

Sperm donation specialists

Self-driving technology

City council

Carrying cases and accessories

Industry body for technology-enabled care services

Turf protection & ice conversion covers

Institution of further education

Navigation technologies

Engineered polymer solutions for offshore environments

Virtual reality for architecture

Travel and holiday specialists

Healthcare solutions enabling independent living

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Institution of higher education

Art and design institution

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