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Exhibition products

Exhibition products

Our full range of exhibition display systems and accessories

An exhibition display system for every occasion

We understand that no two exhibition stands are alike; that needs change with each new show or launch. Your stand is a result of many personal choices.

Our aim is to provide a full range of exhibition products so that we can cater to any of those choices. If you need a small-to-medium exhibition stand, we certainly have the right solution for you.

The most effective exhibition display system is not all about product, but having the right kit is a major factor in maximising exposure for your subject, optimising the flow of people through and around your stand, and hitting your budget.

Roller banners are display systems with a retractable graphic panel housed in a cassette.

Portable display systems use linking graphic panels to create an easy-to-erect back-wall for your exhibition stand. At the premium end, Twist can be used as a modular system for more complex stand designs.

Modular display systems use structural elements to create more complex 3D stands suited to medium or even large exhibition spaces.

Once you've chosen your display system, furnish your stand with our accessories (including some rather special lighting options) for a professional, stand-out touch.

An exhibition kit is a group of products and accessories, carefully curated by us to give you a powerful and easy-to-install, yet high-value option for small stand spaces. We'll be putting together more kits in the near future.

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