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Structural & lighting

Structural & lighting

Bespoke structural and illuminated elements

Outstanding accessories

Our exhibition display systems cover nearly all bases when it comes to the structure of your stand. But what if you needed a custom product display unit to accompany your Link2 back wall? Or a lightbox to literally highlight a specific service? Or maybe you'd like to guide the visitors' direction of flow around your stand with a free-standing structural element.

When your branding dictates something specific, we can offer a range of bespoke display accessories even if you have not chosen to use our custom build event service. And within the parameters of common sense and budget, if you can imagine it, we can probably design and build it for you.

Light boxes

Rounded Edge are specialists in creating custom light boxes. We use taut printed fabric, stretched across a custom aluminium framework, with strips of LED lighting positioned strategically inside. The number of lights varies according to the size, but also the design of the print. We can advise you on the most effective artwork design, but essentially, the lighter the colours, the more light shines through. So areas of high contrast can produce some interesting results.

Light boxes tend to be show-stopping, spectacular affairs like the 9m one Acteon used as a back-wall for their stand (shown in the image below). However, they can be equally engaging at sizes as small as 2m square. They can be floor-standing or mounted on other structures. They can be single- or double-sided. They can run from mains or battery power, meaning you can have an amazing backlit feature even if your stand has no sockets.

POS backlit accessories

Our range of illuminated displays comprises single and double-sided light pillars; curved portrait and landscape lightboxes and beautiful 'slimframe' LED units. This slimline frames are available in a large range of sizes, with simple to use snap-frame technology enabling graphics to be changed quickly and simply, eliminating the need for an external fitting team to visit site.

We refer to these lighting solutions collectively as POS, but in truth, restricting their use to Point Of Sale retail applications would be a terrible waste; there are many exhibition and conference contexts that are equally suitable.

Curved light pillar

Dimensions: 654 or 760(w) x 337(d) x 1712mm(h)

Curved LED lightbox

To fit A2 and A1 inserts

Slimframe LED lightbox

To fit A4, A3, A2, A1, B1 and B2 inserts

Custom accessories

If you have a great idea for an accessory, or simply want to have something uniquely yours, then a custom accessory could be for you. From bespoke counters and cabinets to more interactive elements, we would love to discuss any of your accessory requirements.

Wheel of fortune

Counter & literature rack

Shelving unit & product display

Flair display tower

The Flair free-standing printed graphical display is a folding, tool-free, two or three tiered tower.

Carton size: 1075(w) x 940(d) x 70mm(h)
Single tier dimensions: 844(w) x 415(d) x 906mm(h)
Two tier dimensions: 844(w) x 415(d) x 1808mm(h)
Three tier dimensions: 844(w) x 415(d) x 2708mm(h)


Key features

  • Custom structures
  • Backlit feature elements


  • Attracting attention, even from distance
  • Lighting particularly effective in low ambient light
  • Structures to affect foot-flow around your stand
  • Bespoke structures for unique branding
  • Bespoke structures to support or enhance a product display
  • Showcasing a key item with a backlit display

Tech spec

  • Various


  • Light boxes: Eve Products
  • POS backlit accessories: Eurostand Display
  • iPad displays: Eurostand Display
  • Flair display tower: Promotor

Install requirements

  • Various


Exhibition Guide 2017

Our full product brochure, which we refer to as the Exhibition Guide, last updated in September 2017.


Structural & lighting: features and videos

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Custom build exhibition stands are the culmination of weeks of work. Here’s the inside story of a 3-day install for such a bespoke stand.

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The lightbox was the star of our custom build exhibition stand for Acteon at the prestigious 2017 Dentistry Show, showcasing some of their specialist dental equipment.


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