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Exhibition kits

Exhibition kits

Curated exhibition ensembles

Relieving the burden of choice

Whilst most of our clients have enjoyed the process of choosing the best display systems and accessories for their individual needs, some have mentioned how useful it would be to have a portable exhibition stand ready to go 'out of the box'.

So we got our thinking caps on and wondered if such an ensemble of products was possible for the DIY enthusiasts out there, and the people for whom choice is not always a blessing. Since we pride ourselves on being a solutions provider, the answer was unequivocally 'yes'.

What is an exhibition kit?

For us, an exhibition kit is a carefully curated group of products and accessories with ease-of-use at the heart of the decision whether or not to include them. Clients buying these kits tend to be those who prefer to transport and install them themselves. So portability is important, but value is also a key factor by implication.

The DIY enthusiasts are generally approaching their exhibition solutions with a smaller budget, but also thinking about a smaller stand space. So the portability aspect incorporates this idea; that the display options should be quick to erect, easy to carry and not require the hiring of a van or extra labour.

People who get carried away with the price aspect of a product can sometimes conflate a low price with good value. But we are averse to the idea of lowering standards in order to achieve lower prices. We trade on our provision of high quality products and services. So our exhibition kits have longevity and reusability as the main drivers of value, allowing them to retain their show-stopping wow factor.

The first of our range of ensembles is the XpoKit, a complete solution for small exhibition stand spaces, but there are more in the pipeline.

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