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Modular displays

Modular displays

Exhibition display systems without limits

The ultimate statement

Modular display systems use structural elements to create more complex 3D stands suited to medium or even large exhibition spaces.

With a modular display system, the options are almost limitless, allowing you to realise a truly spectacular and completely bespoke showcase for your exhibition.

What is a modular display system?

Modular systems usually comprise pre-configured elements that join together to form a larger structure. The look and feel of a modular stand is therefore dictated by the combination of those elements as well as the bespoke elements within them (like printed graphic panels, for example).

Centro and Linx use these pre-configured elements to great effect, allowing quite complex structures to be built quickly, which is important because of limited build windows at exhibition events. That's the beauty of modularity; that the natural limitations of the exhibition environment can be overcome even with an ambitious build.

The quest for individuality, uniqueness and ambition for your brand can be met by adding more bespoke elements, and a custom build exhibition stand is the ultimate statement of this, for those who really want to stand out from the crowd. Custom builds start from a position of completely unique structures, furniture and accessories, allowing you to achieve the bespoke look, functionality and goals your prestigious event demands.

Our modular display systems

Note: Twist is really a portable system, but we include it here as a modular option because its wide range of accessories and structural options make it an excellent choice for people who need modularity, but whose budget is more limited.

Modular displays: features and videos

The craft and the graft

Custom build exhibition stands are the culmination of weeks of work. Here’s the inside story of a 3-day install for such a bespoke stand.

Small voxels, huge lightbox

The lightbox was the star of our custom build exhibition stand for Acteon at the prestigious 2017 Dentistry Show, showcasing some of their specialist dental equipment.

Raising the bar

An unusual opportunity recently arose with Copper Dragon brewery to apply our custom build skills to product development and design in the creation of a mobile bar.


Modular displays: events

Multiple installs at a show

We can’t remember ever building 5 stands at 1 show before! Here’s an insight into the logistics and resource implications when organising multiple installs.

Showcasing product

At last week’s BDIA Dental Showcase at ExCel London, our custom build stand for Acteon focussed on showcasing product, a key tactic for engagement.

Successful outing for aluminium profile system

NIHR become one of the first clients to commission an exhibition stand built using our aluminium profile system, so new it doesn’t yet have a name. As it enters full production, we’re buzzing about the possibilities.


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