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Impactful modular exhibition structure system

The total modular display system

The Linx modular structure system can be used to create endless design options for your exhibition stand and may be reconfigured and utilised again and again.

So whatever size and shape of the space you have in the future, a Linx system will allow the flexibility you require.

Linx configurations

Linx is a modular framework system that has the flexibility and strength to allow a huge array of different display configurations. It is relatively easy to construct, although this is no flat-pack furniture; we highly recommend using a team for installs and break-downs.

The best way to highlight the system's potential is to show a variety of examples. Each of the CAD drawings below shows a possible stand built with Linx. Between them, they cover some of the more common stand floor spaces and heights that Linx is used for.


8x6m stand with 2 open sides.


8x6m stand, open 3 sides.


12x10m stand, island site.


15x7m stand, 3 open sides on 2 levels.


11x15m stand with 2 open sides.


9x9m stand with 3 open sides.


15x10m stand with 3 open sides.


6x5m stand, island site.


6x6m stand, island site.


6x6m stand open on 3 sides.


3x4m stand, open 3 sides.


4x4m stand, open 2 sides.


4x4m stand, open 3 sides.


When to use Linx

Linx is an option for those wishing to make a powerful statement, but for whom our fully bespoke custom build products and services may be slightly more than required.

As with all stands designed in collaboration with Rounded Edge, you'll benefit from detailed CAD drawings, enabling you to envisage your stand before committing to the final design. We can also help you through the design process and create the bespoke elements of the stand, such as printed panels. And we're here if you need help with the installs and logistics.

We do not manufacture or supply the hardware ourselves for Linx; that is handled by our colleagues at Alfa Display. But our aim is to provide a full range of exhibition solutions to give our clients the widest possible choice. Working with us on a Linx system will still give you the Rounded Edge touch.


Key features

  • Impactful
  • Highly configurable
  • Flexible
  • Re-useable
  • Easy to design complex structures


  • Exhibition stands
  • Events / shows / recruitment
  • Corporate spaces / reception areas
  • Conferences / AGMs
  • Product launches / promotions
  • Retail spaces
  • Education / museum displays

Tech spec

  • Framework in anodised extruded aluminium
  • Wide range of accessories and print options


  • Hardware by Alfa Display
  • Graphic panels by Rounded Edge Studio

Install requirements


Exhibition Guide 2017

Our full product brochure, which we refer to as the Exhibition Guide, last updated in September 2017.


Linx: features and videos

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Linx: events

In the Selfie Zone

The Manchester College stand at Skills North West, including a photo booth, using the Linx modular display system.

A stand fit for a show organiser

Working with TSA to produce a fitting stand and branding for their telehealth conference, using a Linx modular display system.


Alternative modular display systems

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