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Portable displays

Portable displays

Simple yet flexible exhibition displays

When portability matters

Portable display systems use linking graphic panels to create an easy-to-erect back-wall for your exhibition stand.

Our range of portable display systems can fulfil the majority of needs in small-to-medium exhibition and conference contexts. Whether you need a simple Pop Up display or linking graphic panels, our hardware is resilient enough for multiple uses and flexible enough for multiple configurations.

What is a portable display system?

It's a display system. And it's portable.

Portability is a key requirement for display systems in smaller exhibition contexts, and whilst that is also true for roller banners, these systems offer more flexibility with sizes, accessories and at the premium end are also expandable into complex modular systems.

Pop Up, Curve and Twist are systems designed with reusability in mind, so are built to withstand the rigours of multiple events. They also present an extension to the category of 'DIY'; they are so easy to install and break down that you can minimise your logistics cost by doing it yourself.

Twist is a best-selling product for us, providing a system that solves a myriad of exhibition conundrums, from small to medium-sized spaces, from simple to complex structures, from transient to permanent displays, from the micro event right through to the most prestigious shows.

Our portable display systems

Portable displays: features and videos

Time lapse: new graphics

Here’s a time lapse video, revealing the construction of a new look for our graphic panels. We also offer an insight into some of the design influences for the artwork.


Portable displays: events

Standing out at the UCAS fairs

UCAS fairs allow unis to convey a positive first impression, a sort of varsity speed-dating. We help Anglia Ruskin and Bristol catch the eye.

On a mission

We’re spreading the word about the versatility of using Twist multi-height panels.


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