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Affordable portable exhibition display system

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, Curve is now a discontinued product. Its nearest alternatives are Twist and Link2. This page will remain active for a short period to help existing Curve users requiring replacement graphic panels.

The affordable and lightweight banner system

Curve has been designed as an alternative, flexible display solution to help bridge the gap between the numerous budget exhibition stands and pop up displays.

No compromise on quality; no compromise on design; no compromise on offering value for money; Curve is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a light, flexible, affordable display system.

The famous 3-panel kit

Each Curve display banner is a free-standing system, meaning you can use a single panel when space is extremely limited, or if you just need an impactful, easy-to-move banner in a reception room or conference situation. For the sake of simplicity and to retain the best possible value, Curve panels come in a single size only.

System dimensions: 850(w) x 2150mm(h)

However, the most common use of Curve is as a 3-panel kit, comprising two single panels joined together using a Flexi-link panel. As with all our linking graphic systems, this provides a seamless canvas for your artwork, spanning across the three panels (the Flexi-link panel is printed too). A clever system of magnetic strips (we call them 'mag bars') keeps them snugly together without a gap.

3-panel kit

Extending the 3-panel kit

The beauty of the Flexi-link panel is that any angle can be achieved between the main graphic panels. Even in a 3-panel kit, that presents some interesting structural options for your display. But scaling up to multiple linked 3-panel kits opens up a world of possibilities for your small-to-medium stand space beyond a simple back-wall. The examples below highlight what the Curve system can achieve by simply connecting two 3-panel kits together.

compact 3x2m stand space

4.25m back-wall

3x3m stand space

4x2m stand space

Curve's wheeled transport case

Unlike many exhibition systems, the Curve hardware bag was designed specifically for Curve. The importance of this cannot be understated, as it would make little sense to pack a lightweight system like the Curve in a typical moulded case which can weigh up to 10 kilos. The Curve wheeled bag is just 2.5 kilos, making the complete weight of a 3-panel kit (including graphics) only 12 kilos, representing true portability.


Key features

  • Affordable
  • Configurable and flexible
  • Portable
  • Re-useable
  • Easy to erect / dismantle
  • Lighting options
  • Lightweight wheeled transport case


  • Exhibition stands
  • Events / shows / recruitment
  • Corporate spaces / reception areas
  • Conferences / AGMs
  • Product launches / promotions
  • Retail spaces
  • Education / museum displays

Tech spec


  • Hardware by Eve Products
  • Graphic panels by Rounded Edge Studio

Install requirements


Curve CAD Brochure 2018

Our Curve CAD brochure is an interactive PDF showing CAD designs for the Curve portable display system in a variety of common exhibition space configurations.

Exhibition Guide 2017

Our full product brochure, which we refer to as the Exhibition Guide, last updated in September 2017.


Curve: features and videos


Curve: events

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