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Premium portable and modular exhibition display system

The exhibition display system that does it all

Twist is a highly portable display system, resilient enough to last for multiple events and exhibitions. Its huge range of configurations and accessories means it can also be scaled up when a modular display system is required.

After its launch in 2005, Twist's incredible flexibility quickly established it as a game-changer in the exhibition industry. Much copied, but never surpassed, it remains the display system of choice for a myriad of small-to-medium exhibition spaces.

One kit, multiple layouts

The four layouts shown below are common back-wall configurations for exhibitions, giving you the personalised touch with very little encroachment into your precious stand space.

This demonstrates the flexibility of Twist; you can use your kit again and again at multiple shows, even if your exhibition stand space is different for each one.

5m back-wall

4x2m back-wall A

3x3m back-wall

4x2m back-wall B

These layouts use exactly the same hardware and graphics, all of which fits into two hard cases for maximum portability and protection in transit.

Twist Hard Cases

The versatility of Twist

The incredible versatility of a modular display system like Twist means that you are not restricted to using it for back-walls. It can also form a variety of 3D features and elaborate shapes to take your exhibition space to the next level.

What's more, Twist comes in a variety of heights and widths, enabling you to fully utilise the available space and maximise the impact of the display.

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 4

The potential of Twist

Using our range of audio-visual media options, lighting, shelving and structural options can really give your display stand the wow factor at a show. And why not wrap a graphic around the hard cases to form a handy counter?

Twist's full potential is limited only by your imagination.

  • Twist AV Stand: Accessory to hold screens between 32" and 50".
  • Height extension: Create depth with our transitional height panels.
  • Twist Media: Holds screens up to 32".
  • Overhead LED lighting: Illuminate your stand with our easy-to-install LED lights.
  • Banner bridge: Create a doorway from one part of your stand to another.
  • Shelving: Add products to give your stand a personalised touch (maximum weight 2kg per shelf).
  • Single hard case: Convert one travel case into a small podium display or counter.
  • iPad holder: An interactive display is a great way to engage visitors.
  • Double hard case: Convert two travel cases into a larger podium display or counter.

Twist's legendary ease-of-use

Twist was designed in collaboration with our sister company, Eve Products, who manufacture it here in the UK. Every element of its design is tailored towards ease-of-use, so that using and re-using the system is a breeze every time. Precision engineering and careful choice of component materials led us to the perfect balance between strength, durability and the lightness required for portability.

Why buy Twist from Rounded Edge Studio?

This innovative product range continues to set a high benchmark within the exhibition industry. Twist is used by Harrods, Sainsbury’s, Channel 4, BBC, V&A, NHS, Maserati, Mars, Vodafone, British Airways, LG, Saab, Boeing, BAE and many more.

As a result of its popularity, Twist is widely available from trade resellers across the globe, each of whom buy the hardware from our sister company, Eve Products. But if you choose Rounded Edge Studio, you're buying into the idea that service is as important as the product. You're able to request product demonstrations in your own offices. You're tapping into our expertise and experience, our attention to detail, our intimate knowledge of the hardware (compiled by our own staff on-site) and the possibility of exploiting our logistics and installation services.

Most of all though, you're choosing the best quality graphic panels, with your artwork output by our expert design team using class-leading print technologies. Whilst the Twist hardware is solid, stable and reliable from wherever you choose to buy it, your final exhibition stand can be let down by poor quality substrates and ink, mis-aligned graphic panels or inadequately protected transit arrangements. If you want your Twist to be as good as it can be, Rounded Edge Studio is the only choice.


Key features

  • Highly configurable and flexible
  • Portable
  • Re-useable
  • Easy to erect / dismantle
  • Lighting options
  • Wide array of accessories and media options
  • Multiple height and width options
  • Robust wheeled transport case


  • Exhibition stands
  • Events / shows / recruitment
  • Corporate spaces / reception areas
  • Conferences / AGMs
  • Product launches / promotions
  • Retail spaces
  • Education / museum displays

Tech spec


  • Hardware by Eve Products
  • Graphic panels by Rounded Edge Studio

Install requirements

*Tools may be required for additional accessories.


Twist CAD Brochure 2018

Our Twist CAD Brochure is an interactive PDF showing CAD designs for the Twist portable and modular display system in a variety of common exhibition space configurations.

Exhibition Guide 2017

Our full product brochure, which we refer to as the Exhibition Guide, last updated in September 2017.


Twist: features & videos

Time lapse: new graphics

Here’s a time lapse video, revealing the construction of a new look for our graphic panels. We also offer an insight into some of the design influences for the artwork.


Twist: events

Standing out at the UCAS fairs

UCAS fairs allow unis to convey a positive first impression, a sort of varsity speed-dating. We help Anglia Ruskin and Bristol catch the eye.

On a mission

We’re spreading the word about the versatility of using Twist multi-height panels.


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