We’re spreading the word about the versatility of using Twist multi-height panels.

The event

A few weeks ago, Fusion Movement commissioned a display stand using Twist multi-height panels, complemented by a free-standing double-sided Twist banner for their information point at the Soul Survivor event, Naturally Supernatural Summer 2017, The event was hosted at the Staffordshire County Showground in Stafford.

The joy of Flex

The photo slider below shows our initial CAD drawing and the end product in situ. A little 3D goes a long way on a back-wall, creating an eye-catching and imposing display stand. This is especially true when there are down-lighters casting interesting shadows.

Here we see just such an implementation of Twist; 4 original single panels with the central double standing proud of the 2 outer ones. The Flexi-link panels that join them are manipulated into an S-curve shape to achieve this effect.

Twist multi-height panels

The extra height of the centrepiece increases the display’s prominence yet further. A popular use of Twist multi-height panels is to stand out in an exhibition hall amidst a sea of shell schemes or standard banner displays. At 2.7m high, This Twist configuration is able to exploit the wealth of vertical space in exhibition halls, reception areas or retail spaces.

This setup, with its flexible linking panels (prosaically called ‘Flexi-link panels’) bridging the gap between the different heights, touches on some of the great versatility and potential of Twist. It’s easy to setup and put away, but also extremely lightweight and portable; ideal if you’re planning several events at different locations, invaluable if you need to set it up yourself.

Double-sided Twist standalone

In the foreground of the stand space is another Twist banner, this time double-sided. This standalone or island banner creates a useful structural element in the design here; standing perpendicular to the main back-wall banners, this can clearly be seen by people on either side of the space.

Furthermore, Fusion Movement made great use of the Twist iPad holder panel to make this standalone banner an interactive information point. This panel has a special aperture at a height suitable for iPad usage and ensures security of the device with a rugged lockable surround.

Ease of setup

Twist’s legendary ease of setup is beautifully demonstrated by Richard in our video series ‘Introducing Twist’ (and if he can reach the top of the stand to hang the banner, you almost certainly can too). There’s a direct link below to a compilation of that video series.

Also below, there’s a link to our Twist product page, where you’ll find more details and ideas about the myriad of layouts possible with this premium portable and modular system.

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