Tunstall Healthcare’s exhibition stand for the CIH Housing Conference 2017 at Manchester Central, using a Twist back-wall with media panel to maximise the potential of the 3x3m space.

Health horizons

Tunstall are all about the future, what they poetically refer to as the ‘art of the possible’ in their literature about the impact of digital connectivity on healthcare issues.

Essentially, they’re using the curve of current and near-future technologies to predict and pre-empt the technological horizons that will impact us all in our homes, then seek effective ways of exploiting this.

For an ageing population, this has particular pertinence. Anyone with elderly relatives will be either explicitly or implicitly aware of the pioneering work Tunstall did on personal alarm systems for the elderly. The simplicity of this idea should not belie its impact on the lives of so many people for whom independence would otherwise have been more difficult.

The art of the possible

The art of the possible is a reflection not only of advancing technology, but also the increasingly tech-savvy populous. Today’s octogenarian is likely to have allowed some or all of the tech revolution to pass them by. But the octogenarian of 2027 is likely to have been caught in its periphery. They’ll be smartphone users. They’ll have Netflix. They’ll know what Google is. And of course, their children will be increasingly keen to exploit technology to stay connected too.

We’re talking about communication and remote management of heating as well as the more obvious health monitoring systems. Tunstall are looking at using data analytics to enable early medical interventions and preventions. Of course, these services are all centralised and cloud-based, a concept with which we should all be getting on board in 2017.

Here’s their Venn diagram explaining the concept. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good Venn diagram?

Twist back-wall with Media panel

The Twist portable and modular display system is ideal for a back-wall in a 3x3m ‘open 2 sides’ exhibition space like this one. Here, Tunstall have cleverly used 2 Twist original single banners along each wall, connected via 2 Flexi-link panels to the Twist Media panel spanning the corner of the space.

The Healthcare Ecosystem diagram above was one of the slides being shown on the TV presentation. Twist Media is a useful and powerful way of extending the scope of your visual presentation over and above the printed panels in your stand. A popular use is to show looped promotional videos, which we can help you to transfer onto a USB flash drive in the correct format.

Tunstall also made good use of a custom counter, which comprises the hard cases that the Twist banners ship in, surrounded by a graphic panel and enhanced with a counter top. The counter was used in this case to highlight a key product in Tunstall’s range, but clients often use them as ‘meet and greet’ points at the front of an exhibition space.

If you’re interested in the Twist back-wall with media concept, or any of our other exhibition accessories like the counter or the handy literature rack on show here, please follow the links below.

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