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Roller banners

Roller banners

Retractable graphic display panels

Quick and easy backdrops

Roller banners are renowned for their ease-of-use and portability, allowing you to set up a basic promotional or information backdrop in seconds.

Our range of roller banners stretches from the most basic to our premium Link2 system. So whether you need a single banner for a one-off event or a linking system for a seamless back-wall at multiple events, we have the roller banners for you.

What is a roller banner?

Roller banners are graphic panels housed (and protected in transport) on a spool inside a cassette. The spool is usually spring-wound under tension so that the graphic can easily be retracted back into the cassette after use.

The cassette acts as the base for the roller banner when in use. So it needs to be sturdy enough to provide stability, whilst remaining light enough to retain one of the key advantages of this type of display system - portability.

The graphic panel must also have a sturdy top bar so that when it is suspended from the central pole, the graphic remains flat and taut. There are various ways of doing this, but we prefer a tensioning system like the one used on our premium Link2 system.

Finally, we believe that irrespective of the hardware system you choose for your roller banner, the graphic panel should be printed with the highest quality inks on the best possible substrates. Of course, this is true with any display system, but roller banners need particularly high quality and flexible print materials to withstand the rigours of being on a retractable spool.

Our roller banners

Roller banners: features and videos

Link2: the DIY display

We have few images of our Link2 roller banner at a show because it’s such a DIY display system. That makes it the exhibition industry’s best-kept secret.

Link2 brochure

A PDF download compiled at product launch to highlight features, benefits and correct usage of our revolutionary Link2 roller banner.


Roller banners: events

Dressing a shell scheme

How do you dress a shell scheme exhibition space? A seamless Link2 roller banner back-wall is one elegant solution.

Multiple installs at a show

We can’t remember ever building 5 stands at 1 show before! Here’s an insight into the logistics and resource implications when organising multiple installs.

Above and beyond

Helping TomTom Telematics showcase WEBFLEET (their award-winning fleet management solution) with our Twist portable display system.


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