A PDF artwork template for Link2 graphic panels (2000mm high).

PDF artwork template

This PDF file provides a graphic template for a Link2 graphic panel (850mm x 2000mm) and a Link2 corner graphic panel (235mm x 1985mm). The corner graphic panel template is only necessary if you are joining more than one Link2 roller banner together with an angled join. If it’s for a single Link2 banner or multiple banners with straight joins (e.g. for a back-wall), you only need the main graphic panel template.

Note that the dimensions above are for the final visible graphic area for your artwork, but please also allow for bleed on all four sides so that when the panel is guillotined, there are no issues with ink cracking along the edge or alignment problems. The bleed areas are also indicated on the template.

When your artwork spans more than one panel (i.e. you’re linking multiple Link2 banners to form a larger display), please ensure that you send the artwork as a spread rather than individual files for each graphic panel. You only need to add bleed around the outside of the spread, not each panel, and our output software automatically calculates and applies the bleed for the edges of the internal joins.

The PDF is intended for artwork designers using any software other than InDesign. If you are using InDesign, please download the InDesign template files instead. Please also take a moment to download and peruse our large format print guidelines.

Dimensions: the quarter rule

When working with large format graphics, it is possible to download, open, amend, save, output and rip the artwork files at full size, full resolution. However, the huge file size of this artwork would significantly slow down all of these processes. So we have optimised our workflows to use artwork set up at a quarter of its final output size, at a resolution of 300dpi, giving much smaller files without noticeably reducing the output quality.

So for clarity, the artwork you set up should have the following dimensions:

  • Link2 graphic panel (850mm x 2000mm):
    Artwork size: 212.5mm x 500mm
    Bleed: 3mm on all sides
  • Link2 corner graphic panel (235mm x 1985mm):
    Artwork size: 58.75mm x 496.25mm
    Bleed: 3mm on all sides

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