As part of our key product launch, we put together a little video demonstrating the innovative features of the new Link2 roller banner system.

Link2 product launch

With the Link2 product launch now in full swing, we felt the time was right to compile a video highlighting its features and benefits:

  • Link2 is the world’s first true light-weight affordable linking banner stand.
  • The Link2 allows for unlimited banners to be seamlessly joined together creating professional, promotional and exhibition backdrops.
  • Also, each Link2 banner stand has interchangeable graphic capabilities, so for the first time customers can now change their own graphics with no fuss. This means that customers can use Link2 hardware indefinitely.
  • Other advantages include a patented tension system that aids graphic alignment on uneven floors, integrated LED lighting and a flexible panel option making it ideal for shell schemes.


Industry reception and the reaction of our existing clients has been extremely positive. It’s great seeing that light-bulb moment when the full potential of this roller banner system dawns on those to whom we demonstrate Link2 in the flesh. Hopefully you’ll get a real sense of that from the video, but if you need a live demonstration, we’d love to have the opportunity to meet and show you Link2 or any of our other exhibition products.

Enjoy the video

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Premium exhibition roller banners.


Initial requirement discussions and on-site product demonstrations


Link2 brochure

A PDF download compiled at product launch to highlight features, benefits and correct usage of our revolutionary Link2 roller banner.


Link2: the DIY display

We have few images of our Link2 roller banner at a show because it’s such a DIY display system. That makes it the exhibition industry’s best-kept secret.