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Graphic design

Graphic design

Creative design, artworking and output

Creative specialists

Whilst our creative team are all talented artworkers and designers in their own right, they have the industry-specific know-how to really enhance your exhibition solution. This stems from a wealth of experience working in the industry; there are very few obstacles they have not already learned to overcome, few problems they don't know how to remedy. This is certainly true with all design, but large-format printing is quite a specialist area.

There is an old saying in the print industry, 'you can't polish a turd'. Setting aside its slightly vulgar tone, it is as pertinent today as ever; that the quality of the output is only as good as the quality of the input. That's why we strongly favour the collaborative approach, so that potential errors and quality issues are nipped in the bud and never end up on your final artwork.

Strength in diversity

When it comes to print design, our studio is the place to be, dealing with large format, stationery, brand identity, illustrations, packaging, promotional, exhibition and everything else in between.

Collaboration is the key to getting under the skin of the project. Great print design becomes more than the sum of its parts, and a diversity of both technical skills and marketing aptitudes is important for finding the right balance; simplicity vs complexity; safe convention vs bold originality; flowing narrative vs easily-consumed summary; earnest authenticity vs striking humour; comic sans vs any other typeface.

In an industry where deadlines become tight as these marketing decisions overrun, it should be comforting to know that we understand the process that led you here. Allowing us to be part of your creative process has the potential to get you here with time to spare and with a more polished result.

Greg's multi-screen jacquard jumper setup

Brand new. Or brand old.

The studio has built a strong discipline within the team for bold graphics, tight typography, creative illustrations and retaining a great understanding of brand identity. Having worked with companies just starting out to companies celebrating their centennial of trading, we understand the importance of brand continuity.

It is clear to us when producing exhibition material that we are showcasing your brand, together with what usually amounts to an exciting new venture, project, sub-brand or service. So although the point of the event may be to highlight something new, we remain aware of the need to correctly and sensitively promote the brand within existing guidelines, or to capture an existing essence of what the brand itself represents.

Our extensive experience working with companies to achieve looks that sit well with their brand identity whilst also pushing the creative boundaries allows us to deliver a seamless synergy in branding. So regardless of your design needs, even if you're planning to design your own artwork, let our design team give you a helping hand to achieve the best results.


Service highlights

  • Diverse portfolio
  • Industry-specific experience
  • Collaborative approach
  • Marketing savvy
  • Brand continuity



Graphic design: features

Time lapse: new graphics

Here’s a time lapse video, revealing the construction of a new look for our graphic panels. We also offer an insight into some of the design influences for the artwork.

Ents and events

Newcastle Council invited us to advertise their Youth Service summer programme, so we came up with a festival-feel for our posters.


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