Eve Products approached us to help develop their revolutionary new exhibition product called Link, the world’s first seamless linking roller banner.


Although Eve are experienced in identifying potential gaps in both new or existing markets for their products, they felt that a fresh creative approach from the prototype stage would be beneficial.

After initially developing the Link with Eve Products, we were then tasked with branding the product so it stood in its own right – either with Eve retailing the products or one of Eve’s authorised dealers (like us at Rounded Edge Studio).


The Link logo was designed to reflect the first and foremost benefit of the product – its ability to link seamlessly. The ‘n’ and the ‘k’ within the Link work come together to form one seamless letter.

We took inspiration from the side profile of the cassette and included this into the logo which is very subtle and can been seen in the letter ‘n’. Following the style of their existing product sub brands, we used a bold colour for the primary logo. This helped position the Link brand within Eve Products’ existing display ranges while still allowing it to be easily identified through their distributors marketing collateral.

We also designed a style guide so that any third party suppliers could use the brand properly and maintain consistency across the brand.

To help the consumer easily identify authorised dealers of the product, we developed a logo that could be displayed on their marketing collateral and website. This helped strengthen the brand and maintain the number of official authorised distributors.

Below is an extended gallery that gathers together imagery from the branding project and photography for the product launch.

Update (June 2016)

The success of Link later led to the development of the more advanced Link2 product, now recognised industry-wide as a game-changing product in the roller banner market. Follow the product link below for more information.

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