We helped University of Worcester create a unique prospectus with historical overtones.


The University of Worcester required an undergraduate prospectus as part of their 2016 promotional material, and an event mailer as part of an external project – working alongside the BBC to research material about the homefront in Worcestershire during the First World War.


The idea behind the undergraduate prospectus is to focus on two specific areas that follow a students academic journey. The first is to emphasise that the University will provide a gateway or first step to “realise your potential” through the prospectus.

This leads to point two which uses the letter ‘W” for Worcester to create the impression of passing through the University for students to emerge ready to follow their goals and aspirations. This transition phase is highlighted using colour and grey scale.

We aimed to create an engaging mailer that would instantly portray “home during the war”. Prof. Maggie Andrews lectures on Worcestershire during the first world war, so images of soldiers overseas may not have been appropriate.

However, the symbolic nature of a ration book emphasises everyday life at home. The ration book was also chosen to generate interest from an educational point of view – few people would know that ration books existed during the first world war. (Please note that this concept is for visual purposes only and is not historically accurate.)

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