Here’s a time lapse video, revealing the construction of a new look for our graphic panels. We also offer an insight into some of the design influences for the artwork.

Time lapse

Time lapse seemed the perfect vehicle for this demonstration; in the space of a little over 2 minutes, you can see how we crafted a beautiful new look for our internal demonstration graphic panels.

We’re always thinking about new ways to highlight the features of our products, but since the quality of our printed graphic panels is a real point of difference for us, we felt it extra important to have a fresh look for those panels in our online imagery and also the printed samples we use for product demonstrations.

Breaking the mould

Our sister company, Eve Products, who manufacture Twist, Curve, Lumos and Link2 only sell these products to the trade, so the images they use for graphic panels have to be generic for their resellers.

No such restriction exists for Rounded Edge Studio, so we set about creating new designs for all four of those products, that appeared themed or linked in some way, but were also product specific and distinct.

We tasked ourselves the challenge of achieving several things with our new designs:

  • Reflect our creativity
  • Be distinctive
  • Demonstrate our graphic design prowess
  • Somehow capture the essence of each product
  • Use each product’s colour as a significant element in the theme, albeit with more subtle uses of duotone and colour washes
  • Make it easy to create wide and narrow versions of each graphic for the various stand configurations we might need to show
  • Acknowledge our special relationship with the manufacturer

Final graphic

Design influence

Our new designs make heavy use of layering and shadowing, reminiscent of layered papercut images in the Indian tradition or oriental shadow theatre. Add a lightbox to layered papercuts, and you can get some interesting effects, perfectly exemplified by Hari and Deepti’s work below.

Hari and Deepti use very intricate shapes in their work. We wanted a cleaner, more contemporary look, but you can hopefully see some of the influence coming through. Adding a paper texture to the layers and using off-whites instead of pure whites leads to the illusion of paper, and the various glows and shadows hint at lightbox usage. For the geeks out there, Little Big Planet might be in the mix a little too.

The example in the time lapse video is the new design for our Twist display system. The night-scene we created inverts the convention of ‘dark on the outside’, dominant in the Indian papercut tradition. We believe this inversion creates an arresting effect, and of course allows us to pop our logos on the outer frame. 😉

Enjoy the video

Duration • 2:03 minutes.

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