A guide to follow when supplying print-ready files.

The importance of good artwork setup

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our design team and the quality of our large format printing hardware. So we’ve helped many clients get the very best from our printers by tweaking artwork, adjusting colours, removing guides, panel alignment, adding bleed and so on.

But there are some simple rules to follow that can lead to supplied files needing little or no adjustment at all. The main benefit of this is the time saved in reducing the number of rounds of corrections. In a time-critical process such as preparing for an exhibition, this can be absolutely crucial.

Please forgive us if you or your designers find this at all patronising, but we have to acknowledge that some of our clients have little experience of large format printing, even if they commonly output files to smaller digital presses themselves. There’s a bit of an art form to this work due to the variety of substrates and inks we use for our graphic panels and the flexibility that they inherently require.

So we decided to put together a handy little guide that you can download and keep for reference.

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