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Warehousing & logistics

Warehousing & logistics

Managed storage and distribution

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If you exhibit regularly or require multiple stand configurations and you need help with storage, then our installation and breakdown service can be extended to a managed storage and distribution solution.

We've found with regular exhibitors that this becomes an essential part of our offering. Rounded Edge provide this service so that you can concentrate on organising all the shows and focussing on the aims and desired outcomes of those events.

In recent years, this has been particularly useful to our University clients, for whom the geographically diverse nature of the UCAS recruitment fairs lends itself perfectly to a managed solution. Anyone in a similar situation should seriously consider exploiting the benefits of this.

The benefits of a managed solution

First of all, storage and warehousing isn't just about finding a convenient place for your exhibition equipment. You may have the facilities to do this yourself, but we can offer an organised and flexible storage approach with intelligent management of your equipment that allows for multiple exhibition stands and multiple, interchangeable configurations.

For example, say you have invested in the Twist portable display system, and you have five different configurations for the hardware and graphic panels depending on the stand size for each show. That's a lot of variables for the bases, graphic panels, lighting, media, mag bars and so on. Ensuring the correct components get to each show can be a bit of a headache.

But what if you have two events that fall on the same weekend? In such a situation, you're going to need to consider extra resources for their transport and installation, as well as the more obvious problem of allocating shared resources to different locations. Maybe you discover at the last minute that you'll need a duplicate of one of your graphic panels, or you don't quite have enough bits of hardware to cover both events.

That's when we can really help. Your graphic panels can be printed using the same substrates, ink and output settings to exactly colour match your existing panels, seamlessly bolstering your stock. The same thing happens if a panel is damaged at one of the shows; we'll organise a duplicate replacement immediately for the next show. And the shortfall (or occasional damage) of hardware can easily be remedied using the stock we manufacture and assemble here on site, supplementing your stock pool.

Then we'll ensure that each show is properly resourced, that the correct equipment is dispatched with our installers and that each build window is met for the installs and breakdowns. Just like our regular installs service, this is about peace of mind; allowing you to focus on getting the most out of the events themselves.

So you'll not only get a show-stopping, professional display that will be the envy of all your competitors, but you can rest assured that it will look just as good at the next show, and the one after that. All the while, you'll retain the consistency of your corporate branding, even when multiple events are happening at the same time.

Centralised storage as a driver of design

Some of the limitations of a single stand configuration are already dealt with by our innovative hardware design; Link2, for example, is still very unusual for a roller banner system in having interchangeable graphics capabilities.

But if you start to work with a pool of hardware stock and graphic panels, you can exploit even more flexibility. The possibilities that open up with a centralised solution can actually affect the way you can design your stands. If the graphics are designed with flexibility in mind, you can draw on a larger pool of stock to create more combinations.

So if, for example, your regular stand size uses a Twist backwall requiring four graphic panels, but you have a pool of ten panels to draw from, you could create a myriad of bespoke stands using different combinations. And since Twist has options for accessories like shelving and AV panels for displaying multimedia presentations, your mix-and-match options can be truly bespoke to the requirements of each event.

The knowledge that the complication of storing, managing and distributing such a setup is handled centrally in the same location as the manufacture of replacement graphic panels and hardware is truly liberating; it can drive your imagination onto stand design more than ever before, allowing yet more focus on what you hope to achieve with those stands at your events.

Window on your stock

In line with the expansion of our managed solutions, we're currently beavering away on another transformative project. Rounded Edge is developing a client login area with a stock dashboard and event management section so that each client using this service can easily name each stand combination (or devise new combinations) and assign them to an upcoming event.

Each stand configuration will have its own fully rendered CAD and a list of individual elements, so that you can see exactly what you're getting even if you weren't the originator or designer of the stand. Available stock from your pool will be updated as items become allocated to each event, eliminating the possibility of double-booking and helping both you and us to manage your centralised solution.

Our commitment to this project is indicative of the service-led approach we have always adopted in the exhibition industry, and of the solutions-based future direction of travel for the good ship Rounded Edge.


Service highlights

  • Managed storage
  • Organised distribution
  • Fully resourced installation and breakdown
  • Multiple configuration setups
  • Multiple event handling
  • Driver of flexible design
  • Coming soon - client login


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