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Ady Baker

Production manager

Part of the furniture

Ady has worked for Rounded Edge Studio since before it began, which seems a bold statement, possibly in contravention of the normal laws of physics, but it is true nonetheless. Nobody was particularly clear about what he does, but it's something to do with hardware, possibly some 'development'.

In recent years, Ady's story has transformed from the mundane to the romantic. He's fallen in love with our 3D printer, the Zortax M200 (although Ady calls her 'Zoe'), which sits proudly in the corner of his office, slowly churning out precise scale replicas of his favourite garden gnome. He increasingly has to be reminded that he has work duties beyond monitoring Zoe's environmental stability.

Zoe recently had to go for repairs. Ady trailed forlornly around the warehouse throughout the entire period, tearfully reciting poetry by Sylvia Plath and singing songs by The Carpenters in what sounded roughly like a cross between the dying vents of a beached whale and the drone of some old bagpipes. But now she's back, he arrives each morning with a spring in his step again. It's quite beautiful to watch.


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