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Andy Salt

Andy Salt


Jack of all trades, master of several

Andy's a 'digital', a category reserved for people who work under the data bonnet. No, we're not sure what he does either. We think his main areas are web design, data management and social media.

A true wordsmith, he loves writing in all its forms, and the website has been designed to allow and encourage content creation across the business. He has an annoying insistence on finding the narrative, whatever that means.

On top of this, he is disturbingly passionate about WordPress, FileMaker Pro, Photoshop and nearly everything Apple has ever done. Basically, anything that helps organise stuff and make the story easier to tell.

Andy hates: whimsy and the word 'lite', Steve Wright In The Afternoon, country music, Steve Wright's Sunday Morning Love Songs, anything counterproductive or non-progressive, and Steve Wright.

As our resident Data Guy, Andy is one of the most rational, logical people you'll ever meet (think Spock on sedatives). But occasionally he has this remarkable habit of stepping into a phone box and emerging as a pretty decent lead guitarist in a Keighley-based funk rock band, Universe 25, currently making waves (well, more tiny ripples really) in the local music scene.


Landmarks on a FileMaker Server journey

Our FileMaker Server deployment is externally accessible, after weeks of resolutely not being. Here’s the surprisingly complex tale of how to get those green padlocks.

Successful outing for aluminium profile system

NIHR become one of the first clients to commission an exhibition stand built using our aluminium profile system, so new it doesn’t yet have a name. As it enters full production, we’re buzzing about the possibilities.

The craft and the graft

Custom build exhibition stands are the culmination of weeks of work. Here’s the inside story of a 3-day install for such a bespoke stand.

On a mission

We’re spreading the word about the versatility of using Twist multi-height panels.

Futures Fair: What will you be?

The Transformation Trust’s beautiful idea played out today at the Wembley SSE Arena. It was an honour to be even a tiny contributor to the Futures Fair.

Above and beyond

Helping TomTom Telematics showcase WEBFLEET (their award-winning fleet management solution) with our Twist portable display system.

The art of the possible

Tunstall Healthcare’s exhibition stand for the CIH Housing Conference 2017 at Manchester Central, using a Twist back-wall with media panel to maximise the potential of the 3x3m space.

Warm and fuzzy

Our exhibition work has a truly global stage, but it still makes us all warm and fuzzy to work with Fibrelite, a firm based only a stone’s throw from our HQ in Skipton.

Nice Twist

Anglia Ruskin University commission a Twist wraparound to attract prospective students to their information stand.

Small voxels, huge lightbox

The lightbox was the star of our custom build exhibition stand for Acteon at the prestigious 2017 Dentistry Show, showcasing some of their specialist dental equipment.

Simple yet impacting

MTData’s impactful exhibition stand at the 2017 PHTM Expo, using a combination of Twist, Lumos and custom build elements.


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