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Autumn Hardacre

Studio artworker

Creative trumpet

Autumn is our artist-in-residence. She has a Fine Art degree under her belt and however hard we pressed her on this, she refused to tell us why she keeps it there. It must be really crumpled now.

She is still a very keen illustrator, although these days (at work, at least) she has swapped her brushes for a lightpen and her canvas for a digital artboard. She has that little something extra that you don't always get with digital artworkers - a natural talent for drawing. We were going to just say 'talent', but Greg and Chris may have objected strongly to this.

Autumn doesn't like to blow her own trumpet, and she even asked us to mute it when we tried to blow it for her. But she did permit us to say that she's very artistic and has a broad range of highly creative interests, spanning literature, music, art and photography.

So when we ask her to draw an overhead plan of an exhibition stand's electrical points, it's probably fair to say that we're wasting her talents slightly. But if you need some creative flourishes adding to your artwork, you can be assured that Autumn's going to be in her element.


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