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Collette Heady

Collette Heady

Field sales manager

Don't fear the whirlwind

Collette, the mobile wing of our sales team, is sortied daily around the country from a hangar somewhere in Bedfordshire. It is often difficult to see her limbs as they remain perpetually blurred, a bit like the Roger Hargreaves' allegory of 21st century lifestyle, Mr Rush. She doesn't worry too much about the conundrum of an efficient route between clients X and Y; she is far to enthusiastic for silly distractions and constraints like that. Her car contains a very brave sat nav.

While Mr Rush found his perfect job as a postman, Collette chose Rounded Edge in 2008 because she wanted the chance to faithfully deliver great products and services (sales is pretty tough if either is lacking). She retains the same vigour and enthusiasm after all this time; she loves her fellow human beings, so meeting clients every day is a real treat. She's a great listener and her can-do attitude helps to solve many problems.

It also creates some interesting headaches for her production team. They assure us that they continue to look forward to hearing phrases like "can we make 10 of these by Monday? Pretty please!" and are both impressed by and sympathetic towards Collette's efforts to present a radical new theory by which previous efforts by the likes of Einstein to understand the space-time continuum need immediate re-evaluation.

Collette is an accomplished demonstrator of our exhibition products, and is better placed than most to help with installs and breakdowns, so you might even see her popping up at shows. Just make sure you use a fast lens if you try to get a photo with her.


A great team to work with

They are a great team to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for support with their events!

Professional and super-helpful

Collette and her team were enthusiastic, professional and super-helpful at every stage from initial design through to completion.

Delightful to work with

Rounded Edge Studio were delightful to work with – very responsive, helpful and professional.

A fantastic job

Rounded Edge have done a fantastic job! Right from the start they sought to understand what it was we were wanting.

Trust and consistency

I know I can trust them to work with different marketing divisions across the group while ensuring consistency of the Trelleborg brand is achieved at all times.

Positive comments

We had a great show and received many positive comments about our stand.

Great event service

I can highly recommend Rounded Edge Studio for their great event service.

Highly professional

I found them to be highly professional at all times and very easy to work with.

Helpful and professional

Every member of staff has been helpful and professional. I felt like I was your only customer.


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