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Janine Fleming

General manager

Please don't go on holiday

When we call Janine our 'general manager', it's not because she manages generals (we don't have any of those), she is what's known in boardroom memos as a 'big cog', something to do with not being allowed to have a day off. We're not really sure what would happen, but it feels like a senior lab technician hovering over the ON switch of the Large Hadron Collider, recounting momentarily the likelihood of the resultant black hole destroying all matter in the solar system.

At her desk, Richard has paid for the installation of an ergonomic performance chair, a kind of office re-working of the famous La-Z-Boy recliner, but with intravenous caffeine instead of an armful of chilled beers. The idea is to prevent Janine from realising that she averages 25 hours a day, or the consequences if that ever stopped happening.

When we asked her to write this bio, she replied with 'grown adult, likes to play with toys', which we believe (and hope, for reasons of common decency) refers to a teenage-like obsession with computer games and gadgets. This extends, like most people in the company, to a slightly wallet-busting adoration of all things Apple.

Janine, strictly speaking, doesn't actually work for Rounded Edge. She's a fulcrum for customer liaison, quoting, job management, dispatch and much more for our sister company Eve. Such is the depth of her product and industry knowledge that we can't help but constantly bombard her with questions, much to her unending annoyance. At the moment, her consultancy fee is measured in coffee and Doritos. Please don't tell her.


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