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Julie Drake

Finance & office manager

Sage warrior

Julie looks after the financial side of the business; credit control and accounts payable. Don't hold that against her though; every company has these people (surprised you haven't noticed) and Julie approaches the role with what could almost be described as humanity.

'What's that?' we hear you ask, "A nice accountant?". We know it sounds unlikely. We know that spending 3 years at university to achieve nothing more than a future full of hideous spreadsheets, balances that don't quite reconcile, words that nobody else uses (like 'accrual') and talking to people desperate to avoid giving you money may have a natural propensity to sour even the nicest of people.

But Julie soldiers through this with spritely enthusiasm and morals intact. To achieve this, all she requires is an hourly pint of tea and a computer that doesn't crash all the time. In fact, she's our IT guy for Windows PCs, a skill she attributes to 'dumb luck'. She's quite remarkable really. She likes notebooks and calculators, but we think she just said that to appeal to other accountants reading her profile.

In her spare time, Julie builds complex spreadsheets, reads avidly about updates in the field of indemnity insurance and practises saying the word 'accruals' in front of a mirror. Only kidding. You'll see her down the gym or whupping someone at board games. She is indeed a sage warrior.


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