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Lee Whitaker

Operations manager

Ginger vitals

Lee rejoined the Rounded Edge Studio team in 2019 after a spell exploring pastures different. But even this blatant betrayal has not tainted our view of him much. He was welcomed back with open arms and a work load befitting such a dirty turncoat.

What Lee brings to the party is a stupefying knowledge of the exhibition industry, and not in a 'know it all' way either. He often anticipates what you're going to ask him before you ask, making him a sort of exhibition soothsayer or witch doctor. A problem foreseen is often a problem avoided.

Lee's legendary talents stem from formative years mastering pretty much every role the industry has to offer. This thorough understanding of where we've come from, where we are and where we're going is annoyingly useful in almost any context we can put him in, whether it be the practicalities of logistics, the aesthetics of design or even the technologies of marketing.

As an account manager, you can rest assured that he'll have your absolute best interests at heart. As our operations manager, he's busy behind the scenes improving and refining our production and logistics workflows. And as a ginger man, he'll be continuing his lifelong quest to avoid sunlight at all costs.


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