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Mark Bealey


Hired guns

Mark is a modest man, so he wouldn't like us to talk about his muscles. But he has what we could politely refer to as 'big guns', which is a pretty useful asset on a big custom build when there's lots of heavy lifting to do. But he's also skilled in all the things that make an exhibition build go smoothly - joinery, electrics, negotiations in car parks, etc.

Unlike most henchmen, Mark is not an unintelligent, semi-psychotic, steroid-slurping madman with an uncontrollable rage bubbling just under the surface, surrounded by mirrors and the residue of fake tan spray and people too afraid to tell him he's an idiot.

He's an amiable guy who makes a long exhibition installation pass much quicker thanks to his sense of humour and strong work ethic. And, remarkably, he doesn't steal all the biscuits when you're not looking, like some other people. Well, just Chris actually.

Outside work, Mark is a Land Rover nut, spending his weekends driving his old Defender through fields and fording rivers when there was a perfectly good bridge he could have used.


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