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The real boss

Anything for a roast dinner

Max is unashamedly fickle when it comes to food, yet in every other respect is as loyal as the day is long. He remains calm and sedentary when all around others seem to be involved in a much more energetic enterprise. His decision-making skills are literally incomparable; we have no idea what to compare them with.

Stuart regularly seems genuinely surprised and disappointed that Max gets a better lunch than he does. In this regard, there may appear to be an unusual (some would say unfair) reward system in play, but we know that deep thought requires deep nourishment.

Max's diagnostic duties include checking out everyone else's lunch and comparing it with his own. He tries to be non-judgemental about this, but is ultimately driven by a base instinct to seek out anything predominantly meat-based, preferably with lashings of gravy. He also performs thorough diagnoses of all prototype flooring and hardware, emulating the annoying space restrictions of an exhibition install by lying in exactly the wrong place.

He is that strangest of consultants - the type who are constantly asked pertinent questions, but for whom actually delivering a solution (or even anything resembling an answer) seems somehow below him. This aloofness would normally betray a colleague as 'difficult to work with' or 'a know-it-all', but Max seems to get away with it using some exemplary eyebrow work.


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