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Rachel Worthy



Outside of work, Rachel is as mad as a bag of frogs. She likes to jump out of planes flying at 10,000 feet, abseil down buildings and so on. In a transaction known as 'charity', she does all this for money, and then gives it to someone else. Benevolence of this kind undermines nearly everything we learned at school about economic theory. And, of course, people like Rachel are the reason your life insurance premium is so high.

In work, Rachel is as mad as a bag of frogs. Only kidding; she's a breath of fresh air in the office (which is useful because we're situated quite near some sewage works). She brings enthusiasm and humour to our day as well as drinking coffee from a mug the size of a German stein. Well, that's quite funny until you need to carry it.

We've been told it might be litigious to call Rachel Janine's bitch, so we're not going to do that. She is Janine's administrative support, the oil in Janine's cog if you like, but she also helps Rounded Edge by taking phone queries and doing 'admin'. She's not been with us very long, so we're not quite at the stage where we feel comfortable asking what admin is.


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