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Richard Newbury

Richard Newbury


Exhibition pie

Richard has been in the exhibition industry since before time began. That means he was selling exhibition equipment before useful things like light, gravity, people and exhibitions were invented. As you can imagine, he needed to be pretty resourceful and innovative to overcome such restrictions. His customer file was slim in those days.

He runs Rounded Edge Studio a bit like a family, whereby he really cares for the people who work for him. He's one of those rare animals - a boss who understands that employees are not just mindless automatons; they are also actual people with complex lives, emotions and bizarre dependences on flapjack. He knows that happy staff lead to happy customers and strong working relationships with both are his absolute forte.

When it comes to work, Richard is more than hands-on; he not only has his finger in every pie, he is also the oven in which the pie is baked, the pie dish and the cooling rack. You thought this metaphor was over didn't you? Wrong. Because Richard is also the pie itself (although we realise that controversially, this implies he has fingers in himself). And he's always working on the next big thing for the industry, which may or may not be pie-based.

So if you're a new customer, you'll probably get to speak to Richard about our products and services. He might come and demonstrate them for you. If you're an existing customer, you should know that behind the scenes, he is supporting everyone in the business to make your exhibition stand amazing. And you might find he's the one on-site building your stand, because we hate to admit it, but there's nobody better at it than Richard.


One step ahead of the game

They always felt one step ahead of the game and gave me complete confidence in them, relieving a lot of the stress and pressure.

Link2: the DIY display

We have few images of our Link2 roller banner at a show because it’s such a DIY display system. That makes it the exhibition industry’s best-kept secret.

Very proactive

Richard and the team were very proactive and sorted everything while keeping me in the loop the whole time.

Multiple installs at a show

We can’t remember ever building 5 stands at 1 show before! Here’s an insight into the logistics and resource implications when organising multiple installs.

Standing out at the UCAS fairs

UCAS fairs allow unis to convey a positive first impression, a sort of varsity speed-dating. We help Anglia Ruskin and Bristol catch the eye.

Excellent service

The quality of the products were perfect and all delivered promptly with excellent service along the way.

Creative ideas

We were very impressed with Rounded Edge’s creative ideas and overall approach to the project.

Excellent ROI

Rounded Edge has helped us realise an excellent return on our investment and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.


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