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Richard Radcliffe

Print services manager

Dungeon Master

Ever seen a fully grown man on a BMX? Neither have we. Yet Richard is one of those rare characters who somehow pulls this look off. We asked him if he was aware that he was an adult, and he claims that he does - straight face and everything. The cartoon we drew for him was supposed to reflect that, but seems to have encapsulated a visage of terrified confusion instead. This was not intentional.

Richard is our print services manager. He was originally asked to work in the print room for 8 weeks. That was in 2010. We're thinking of renaming the print room 'print dungeon', although it's questionable whether this is a good long-term marketing proposition, however apt. We try to hide the shackles and fingernail marks on the walls whenever clients get the tour.

Being in charge of print means that Richard spends his working life on the front line. He's very open about his prowess with RIPping; allegedly something to do with the print process and not as inappropriate as it sounds. When he's not RIPping with lethal accuracy and efficiency, he's meticulously checking the quality of our large format print, finishing and laminating, adjusting to eliminate banding, colour-matching, and chipping away at his chains with a pitifully blunt chisel.

Richard's main enemies are time, light and mediocrity. He battles furiously with them daily using amazing productivity, accurate calibration and hugely high standards respectively. He's the reason 99% of our print jobs leave this building right first time. And he's working on the other 1%.


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