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Stuart Sapsford

Stuart Sapsford


The elephant in the room

Stuart is a titan of the exhibition industry, working mostly on the trade side of things with Eve Products. With Rounded Edge, he is heavily involved with new product development and ensuring quality maintenance and improvement of existing hardware. He's also instrumental in bringing quality large format printing to the party. There are few gaps in his knowledge of print technologies, and this is a key aspect of our product offering.

When he's not steaming around the country doing installs, he's back at base liaising with clients (particularly on big custom build projects), working on development or prototypes for new products, checking jobs in the warehouse prior to dispatch and solving problems with his much sought-after expertise. Every time he enters a room, there are at least 3 people trying to get his attention. A less patient man might stick his fingers in his ears and say 'La la la' very loudly.

It's well-known that men can generally multitask about as well as elephants fly, but Stuart is a conspicuous exception to this rule. He is also somehow able to keep the details of clients, jobs, suppliers, venues and even the spec of a section of aluminium readily accessible in his head at all times. We're not sure this is humanly possible, so there is a growing suspicion in the office that he's paid for a biotech upgrade. It also makes it even more surprising that he can't remember where any of his 3 active cups of tea are.

Stuart's a petrolhead and likes to drive expensive things too fast on track days. He reckons he could have been a contender. Sounds about as likely as flying elephants.


Dressing a shell scheme

How do you dress a shell scheme exhibition space? A seamless Link2 roller banner back-wall is one elegant solution.

Showcasing product

At last week’s BDIA Dental Showcase at ExCel London, our custom build stand for Acteon focussed on showcasing product, a key tactic for engagement.

Exhibition supplier partnership

A strong and trusting partnership with your exhibition supplier can make a huge difference to your exhibiting experience and your ROI too.

Successful outing for aluminium profile system

NIHR become one of the first clients to commission an exhibition stand built using our aluminium profile system, so new it doesn’t yet have a name. As it enters full production, we’re buzzing about the possibilities.

Commitment and attention to detail

The commitment and attention to detail I received was superb, and ultimately made a huge difference to the outcome of the stand design.

Outstanding service

I always find the team at Rounded Edge professional and hard-working. They strive to achieve a constant level of outstanding service.


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