Rounded Edge Studio is a full-service exhibition agency, delivering outstanding display solutions in small-to-medium exhibition, retail and corporate spaces.

Our philosophy

Founded in 2009, Rounded Edge Studio has evolved and flourished from a simple yet compelling idea; that being class-leaders in creating bespoke exhibition, retail and corporate displays is not enough. We have always known that excellence and innovation in marketing, design, repro, print and manufacture are just the baseline.
At the core of our philosophy is a focus on genuine client partnership. So whilst our customers benefit from the quality, experience and integrated approach of our in-house teams, they also enjoy the dedication and personal service of our account managers.
Partnership with us means advice and support at every step from concept to delivery, helping you create powerful and distinctive work. With our help, your display stand or presentation backdrop or reception area will be the memorable one, the one that your target audience will be drawn to and affected by, the one that successfully delivered your compelling idea.

The power of the exhibition

It’s an extraordinary thing, if you think about it. Weeks or even months of planning condensed into a single day of marketing gold dust. Flesh to press; a veritable engagement factory. A face for the faceless. A shop window for the shopless. A chance to punch above one’s weight. A launch pad for whatever’s new. A test bed for risks and investments. The announcer, consolidator or adjuster of market position.
In short, the platform for present and future glory.
When the big day arrives, this microcosm of all that matters for your business is over in a flash. Rarely in these times of multichannel marketing campaigns is such vital endeavour offered such a narrow window.
Yet the urge to gather, to compare, to disseminate, to discover, to communicate in person, to truly engage on a personal level remains as strong as ever. And in the faceless age of the online world, maybe it’s actually stronger. Exhibiting is your time to shine.

Making the difference

Given the importance of exhibiting to your business, we take an holistic view on how to get from concept to completion. We understand that every business is different, that every show is unique. That’s why we offer a full range of products and services, so that each job is tailored to your individual needs.
So however large or small your event, however experienced in exhibiting you already are, we can offer the best exhibition solution for you. It’s a process of collaboration, in which the gaps in your knowledge or skills or resources can be seamlessly plugged by our dedicated teams. Discover all the Rounded Edge people here.
Please take a few moments to browse the exhibition services section of this website, in which you’ll find insights into the methods and support we offer in achieving your perfect exhibition solution, whatever your starting point. Then take a look at our exhibition products to start the journey towards envisioning your exhibition stand. And check out the blog, in which you’ll see how we helped other clients with their solutions. We sincerely hope that you’ll be featuring in the blog in the near future with your own story.