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A range of exhibition light towers

Catch the eye with our vibrant light towers

Designed specifically for retail, showroom and exhibition environments, Lumos is a new user-friendly revolutionary product range that really does give the ability to stand out from the crowd.

Taking up precious little of your stand space, Lumos is the king of exhibition accessories; transformative, show-stopping, enlightening.

Next-level display lighting

Lumos is the accessory that really stands out. Personalised, interchangeable graphics plus a range of lighting and colour sequences combine to draw attention, engage and intrigue. Exhibition and conference contexts tend to have low ambient lighting, so Lumos is perfect in those environments.

The graphics are illuminated using the latest LED technology, including RGB colour options. Lumos can be either mains operated, or powered by its integral rechargeable battery. This is particularly important for those stand spaces where power is unavailable, or you simply wish to avoid trailing cables.

The battery unit is situated in the base, meaning the lighting effect can shine unimpeded through the graphics, even towards the bottom of the tower. Furthermore, the weight of the battery acts as a stabiliser so that even the Maxi (the tallest of the height options) remains stable and bolt upright throughout your event.

Up to 4 Lumos light towers can be linked together so that lighting, colour and sequence transformations affect a group in tandem.

Height options and battery life

Each of the three Lumos height options (Mini, Midi, Maxi) is illuminated using LED strip lighting, so the smaller options require a shorter strip, leading to longer battery life between charges.

  • Lumos Mini Tower stands at 953mm, using a single internal upright. Battery life is roughly 14 hours.
  • Lumos Midi Tower stands at 1318mm, using a two-part internal upright. Battery life is roughly 10 hours.
  • Lumos Maxi Tower stands at 2178mm, using a three-part internal upright. Battery life is roughly 6 hours.

Battery life is also affected by the colour intensity being used. White is the most intense colour, so drains the battery quickest. Since this may lead to the battery losing charge before the end of a longer event, we have now included an intensity setting. So for example, selecting 80% intensity would increase the duration of operation by around 25%, or an intensity of 50% would roughly double the duration.

If you have power at your event or in your retail space, you can simply plug in the mains transformer. If you are using the battery, we advise recharging overnight for best performance, although a full recharge should take as little as 4.5 hours.


Your bespoke graphics can be printed using a range of substrates and inks. White paper does a good job of diffusing the LED lights, but the weight of paper affects its luminosity, as does the ink coverage. For the more adventurous, we are able to print onto clear substrates like acetate, using layers of white ink to create interesting effects.

The design used may benefit from high-contrast areas (for example, a largely dark graphic with smaller white areas) or a predominantly light design to maximise the overall luminosity of your light tower. Our designers are happy to help with such considerations.

App-based controls

Rounded Edge and Eve Products have thought long and hard about how best to use the incredible potential of Lumos. We decided that today's proliferation of smartphones should be exploited by updating the control mechanism to a Bluetooth-based app. Plus, people kept losing their remote control, and that seems less likely with a phone!

So now, our 'Magic LED Light v2' app (available for IOS and Android) converts your phone or tablet into a fully functional remote control, creating a unique experience that will transform any event or exhibition.

Colour selection

With a simple touch, you can personalise the colour of a Lumos, with up to 16 million colours together with many shades of white.


You can also use your device's camera to colour-match to a solid block of printed material (such as a brand colour), or indeed anything else you can point the camera at.


The app comes with 20 pre-programed colour sequences. The speed of transition between the colours is controllable. You may also create your own sequence with control over the colour, various transition types (gradual, jump and strobe) and speed.

Sonic reactions

Lumos now comes with a “disco” function, which links the lighting output variations directly to the oscillations in waveform of music or other audio played from your control device, creating a reactive light tower. We’ll leave your imagination to ponder the applications and implications of that!

In use: retail towers

Our light towers are perfect to promote your latest products in a vibrant and unique way, whilst taking up minimal floor space.

In use: exhibition accessories

Create a warm welcome to your exhibition stand with our light towers, and take advantage of the graphic space to convey a bold and strong message.


Key features

  • Mains or rechargeable battery-powered lighting
  • App-controlled colour transformations
  • Disco mode!
  • Available in 3 heights
  • Accessories for retail and exhibiting


  • Exhibition / conference / indoor events
  • Retail
  • Showroom

Tech spec

  • Bases and matching tops available in white or black.
  • Supplied with handled fabric bags; one for the base, top and transformers, and one for the graphics, LED strips, uprights and fixings.
  • Graphic panels ship in high-density cardboard tubes.
  • Mains and recharging transformers supplied.
  • Lumos Mini: height: 953mm, weight 4.5kg.
  • Lumos Midi: height: 1318mm, weight 5.0kg.
  • Lumos Maxi: height: 2178mm, weight 5.6kg.
  • 'Magic LED Light v2' app available for download (for iOS from the App Store and for Android from Google Play).


  • Hardware by Eve Products
  • Graphic panels by Rounded Edge Studio

Install requirements


Exhibition Guide 2017

Our full product brochure, which we refer to as the Exhibition Guide, last updated in September 2017.


Lumos: features and videos

Our stand at the Event Production Show

We had a chance at the Event Production Show to demonstrate some of our custom build capabilities, together with some great exhibition stand lighting.


Lumos: events

Simple yet impacting

MTData’s impactful exhibition stand at the 2017 PHTM Expo, using a combination of Twist, Lumos and custom build elements.

A stand fit for a show organiser

Working with TSA to produce a fitting stand and branding for their telehealth conference, using a Linx modular display system.

Fuelling a new way to display

After completing a successful re-brand, Achilles required a fresh new look to their custom build exhibition stand at Offshore Europe.


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